James B Nicola


This Is Not True.

And yet if this is true


This Is Not True,

which “this” clearly says.

This makes This not only false, but true too.

If false, then

This Is Not True

is not true,

so rather,

This is true,

which clearly says

'This Is Not True.'

This has me in a daze.

From This the universe got moved and wrought

as matter with anti-matter was spun

into a yarn of Something, which is why

a creature as confusion-crammed as I

won't mind pitting This against This Is Not:

Without conflict, Nothing ever gets done.

Just This Is True lies there inert and static;

breeding no force of moment or design,

it bores. The obverse is more enigmatic

and stretches a lone point into a line,

then bends This line back on its origin

making the First Circle of Paradox,

kicking the First Tick into All the clocks

so Everything can, did, and shall, begin.

Is this not true?

This is not “true”:

it Is.